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I'm Amy, an artist and illustrator currently living in Surrey, England.

My art tends to be a mix of abstract patterns and surreal, floral imagery. I love exploring how art affects my mental state whilst I'm creating.

I typically use markers, fineliners, and acrylics to create my work, but I love trying out other materials too.

Although I mostly work on personal projects, I'd love to partner with people looking to create something together!

Making a mess since 1993.

It's cliché but I can't remember a time when I wasn't making art. Even as everything else in my life twists and turns, my sketchbook has never left my side.

Although I've worked as a digital designer for more than eight years, there's something very cathartic about using messy markers and paints.

I'm at my happiest when I'm making something physical.

A studio of my own.

In 2021 we moved out of our flat and into a house. Not only is there a garden, but we now have a little studio room for painting and crafting.

The sanctuary at the bottom of the garden gives us somewhere to relax after a day stuck indoors.

Doing more of the things I love.

My main jobs keep me glued to my desk all day. Working digitally means I spend hours looking at screens, which isn't great.

As much as I love what I do at work, having something to work on that doesn't need a backlight has been a much needed break for my brain.